Rethink your upbringing…


Whatever it is you think you can’t do, somebody else put that thought in your head. Someone you respected, somebody who was in a position of authority before you were old enough to know what that meant. We are created fearless, blazing balls of intent. It isn’t until a germ of fear is insinuated into us that we doubt our true greatness.

Has the color of your skin dictated the type of clothing you wear? Does your family’s wealth or poverty ensure that same path is your destiny? Is your parent’s profession your own? Do your cultural mores limit your desires as an individual? Does your inherited religion tell you who you love or how many? Have the fences of your physical gender ensured that you can’t be as strong or as soft as you’d like?

How much of your life has been curtailed by others? A healthy mind questions all things. Are you who you want to be, or who someone else wants you to be? 

This is all you have. This body. This mind. This moment. Claim it – it’s YOURS. And go out & do marvelous things with it.


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