Fauxtographers and Indians

I was blown away by the rude, unthinking, entitled fauxtographers at the Mardi Gras Indian parade yesterday. The tribes couldn’t even WALK DOWN THE STREET because of all the camera-happy-jackasses.

These people were actually standing in front of the parade, in the center of the street, barring the Indians’ paths, bumping into them, blocking those of us on the sidelines. No respect, no understanding, just mindless culture vampires. 

I didn’t think I could hate cameras any more than I already did, but this took it to a whole new level. An adorable two-year old, dressed in his Indian finery, being pushed down the route in his stroller, the wheels of which repeatedly rolled over the toes of an aggressive fauxtographer, walking backwards in front of it to get his oh-so-important shots. Frustrated demands to “make a hole” by the Big Chiefs had little to no effect. Instead of paying homage to a magnificent cultural art-form, I got to see the backs of a bunch of assholes in the middle of the street pissing off the creators who’d spent the last year making these spectacular costumes.

Infuriating. I don’t know where this behavior will end – it’s all me, Me, ME – my shot, what I want, who gives a fuck about you?!


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